Saturday, April 12, 2008

How Advertising Distorts Reality and the Harm it Causes...

Advertising, particularly since the advent of television, has sought to shape not only what we buy, but how we think, and indeed our impression of what is good or beneficial. Moreover, it has done the inverse as well, convinced us of what is not good, what is not "hip", and, worst of all, what we shouldn't like about ourselves.

Nowhere is this more evident than the beauty product ads that feature examples of womanhood which are unnatural, and indeed, impossible without hours of preparation by a team of experts, then manipulating the results further with computers.

We have given people, and particularly teenage girls, an impossible standard to attain, and have perpetuated a culture of self-hate, eating disorders, cutting, and depression.

In the midst of this, Dove has done something revolutionary. Yes, Dove. The facial soap people. Watch this video and see. I don't think it needs any further introduction.